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Acupuncture, spinal adjustments, herbal medicines, and more!
Small companion animals such as cats, dogs and exotic animals are candidates for acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is the 2,300 year old art and science of using small needles inserted into specific body points to effect healing changes.
Biopuncture is a therapeutic liquid injection treatment method that uses homeopathic products at low doses. The injections are given into the skin, muscles or the acupuncture neurological treatment points of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.
Spinal Adjustments
Dr. Scerba completed the Healing Oasis Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy 226 hour course in August 2007 and is now treating patients. Only one other veterinarian in New York is certified (she is one of the instructors).
Laser Therapy
In January 2012 Dr. Scerba added cold laser therapy to the array of holistic pet care treatments she offers to owners of companion animals. Her careful investigation of treatment effectiveness and subsequent training regarding FDA approved uses of Class 3 lasers for pain management are the basis for her decision to add a new class of treatment to her practice.
Herbal Medicines
Small companion animals such as cats and dogs as well as exotic animals may be treated safely and effectively with the correct herbal medications. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is a 3,600 year old Traditional Chinese Medical art and science of using either single herbs or, more commonly, well-researched herbal formulas to act as both nutrients and drugs in the patient’s body.
Most companion animal caretakers have been educated to believe that a highly-processed cereal product called “pet food” is adequate food for their beloved animals. The question is, if we elect to begin either feeding fresh, wholesome foods to our companion animals or adding such foods to their current diet, how do we choose what is correct for them?
Lymphatic Drainage
The first lines of defense when a body is injured are lymphatic, vascular and fascia. Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage like motion to the body which restores the lymph flow helping the body heal issues such as weakness, pain, skin issues, ear infections, etc. For more information on Lymphatic Drainage please follow our link,
Chiropractic Nail Trim
A Chiropractic nail trim is a nail trim that is done in specific way to facilitate keeping the nail short. This is very beneficial to keeping our pets aligned especially in between spinal adjustments. This way of trimming the nails also allows the nails to wear down on its own, helping maintain proper length.
Here at the Holistic Veterinary Center we believe in the importance of vaccines, however we do follow a limited protocol. After the initial puppy/kitten round of rabies and distemper vaccines we follow a individualized protocol for vaccines according to the pets lifestyle. Before re-vaccinating we do titer tests. A Titer tests is a simple blood test to measure the antibodies to vaccine virus’s allowing the veterinarian to judge weather a booster vaccine is necessary or not. For more information on titers please follow our link, Along with any vaccine’s given here at our office they will be followed by a homeopathic remedy as well as a herb sent home to help reduce possible vaccine side effects.
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Tui Na
Tui Na or An Mo Tui Na is the Traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork or manual therapy system. “Tui Na” actually means “push/pull-lift” and refers to two of the primary techniques in this complex system. Tui Na is comprehensive and includes modalities such as massage, acupressure, physical therapy and osseous manipulation.