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In January 2012 Dr. Scerba added cold laser therapy to the array of holistic pet care treatments she offers to owners of companion animals. Her careful investigation of treatment effectiveness and subsequent training regarding FDA approved uses of Class 3 lasers for pain management are the basis for her decision to add a new class of treatment to her practice.

The book "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" by James L. Oschman documents that cells within mammals communicate with one another using coherent light. The Class 3 laser is a source of coherent light. The theraputic effect of Class 3 cold laser treatment acts on the photo receptors of cell membranes under the animal hide. Within the injured musculoskeletel tissue, low-level laser light overcomes the stagnation that traditional Chinese veterinary medicine is focused upon and thereby enhances tissue regeneration. The overall outcomes are decreased pain, reduced inflammation, and increased range of motion.

The research that led to FDA approval of Class 3 laser light to treat neck and shoulder pain in humans is explained here. The veterinary uses of cold laser therapy as well as the theoretical basis for the therapies Dr. Scerba uses are explained here.



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